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2022-03-08 14:35





Do it on the screen with a magnet. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable and see if you can fix it.

1, static electrode easily breakdown capacitance screen, while screen on the surface of the glass is through certain antistatic processing, but do not represent can withstand the human body electrostatic, there are a lot of rice friends habits in mobile phone surface decorations or prone to electrostatic inferior screen film, cause a failure of the screen, so I hope conditional for match a shell or the mobile phone holster, etc.

2. Stay away from the heat. This we all should know that mobile phones are very afraid of high temperature, especially android smart phones, of course, Xiaomi is a high-configuration mobile phone, born for fever, itself has a certain amount of heat, so to add other high temperature, that is worse. The touchscreen also fails at high temperatures.

3. Although capacitive screens generally do not need to be tested, there are exceptions, such as screen jumping and temporary failure. Maybe our simple calibration test is effective. Enter "*#*#64663#*#*" in the dial interface and select touch screen test.